Our Dream <> Your Success

Open Range

Our Mission is written but in picture form based on Habakkuk 2:2-3 and Isaiah 54:2. 

In 1982 it took our Artist, affectionately known as Uncle Billie, a week to do the picture. 

It finally came together when his son lifted up a rug in their living room to show the”...expand your tent stakes”. (You can see the little pup tent in the left front corner of the big tent and Isaiah 54 is written on the transition flap).

The people entering the tent on the left are in wheel chairs and the like.

There is a opening in the tent at the foot of the Cross and those wheel chairs, crutches, etc. are laying at the foot of the Cross.

The people exiting on the right are healed and whole. Their hands are lifted up and they are singing-praising the Lord.

It is a small group that entered on the left and an Army that exited the tent on the right.

The people are wearing different style clothing representing every nation.

The Cross in the center of the picture, on top of the tent, is casting a shadow of the Cross “on the whole world-for the whole world”.

The Mission picture has allowed us to stay the course for the past 35 years: “Taking The Good News To The World”.