Our Dream <> Your Success








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"Dont Understand" / Jay Louvier - 6/23/13


"Sell No!!" / Jay Louvier - 6/23/13

Jean-Thomas' Album  
Mentor,Muses and Monsters

A Sunday Carnie


The Prologue

The Difference Between the Shepherd and The Butcher is How The Sheep Are Led

The Pimp and the Pulpit

Directions and Clues


Jean-Thomas Singles

Dont Let Go

Give Me Your Hand

I Love You

It's Really You

Just Me Again

Never Sang So Loud

Open My Eyes



A Better Deal

Attitude of Gratitude

Baby Steps Part 1

Baby Steps Part 2

Creating a Miracle

A Better Deal

Dead End U-Turn Ok

Favor's Reality

Offense For Offence

One Life

Pool of Habit

The Battle: Building a Secure Place

The Flow of Possiblity in the La